Are You In Love Or Obsessed

It should be obvious that there are basic differences between being in love or just obsessed. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Many people find themselves in relationships that they feel are loving when, in reality, it’s an unhealthy obsession. Even when these people are faced with the facts, they often refuse to admit thatContinue reading “Are You In Love Or Obsessed”

​How To Know If You’re Ready To Get Married

With the approach of that all-important wedding month of June, more and more couples start to contemplate the thought of marriage. This is something that seems to affect more women than men because weddings are events that they love preparing for as well as having all of the attention turned onto them for just thatContinue reading “​How To Know If You’re Ready To Get Married”

How To Tell If A Friend Is Coming Between You

A good friend is always going to be supportive of your relationship and be there for you when things don’t follow through the way you want them to. On the other hand, sometimes a friend acts a little peculiar, or is there for your partner in times of need more than they are for you.Continue reading “How To Tell If A Friend Is Coming Between You”


It is nearly impossible for love to without trust. If one person within the relationship constantly feels as though the other is sneaking around or hiding secrets, or perhaps has even been caught being unfaithful, this can damage the trust in a relationship. Mutual trust can be a strong basis for a healthy relationship. WhenContinue reading “TRUST IN RELATIONSHIP”