“Behind every happy couple lies two people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and interferences to be that way. Why? Because it’s what they wanted.” – Kim George

Ours was very unique. Reason(s) we never knew we were neighbors(opp neighbours); we never knew we attended same church; i never knew he was my friend’s elder bro and I never liked!

How it all started..
My husband and I met by complete accident, as many love stories often go. I was fresh out of secondary school, and working my way through Uni while he was rounding up his Industrial Training (2005). I took a temp job in a book store .The good thing was that I was able to “work” and develop my writing skills. I was seated listing out the books we dont have in stock and then Ifunanyam(My hubby) walked by—the beautiful man with the amazing smile.(Although this wasnt noticed then#smiles). He said to me “hi! Do u have ‘SINGLES 101’?” I cant forget that book. ITS A MUST READ esp to all single guys and ladies out there. Fortunately for him we had just 1 copy in stock. He wanted to get it for his friend as a birthday gift but.. He was not ready. He begged that i kept the copy left and promised to buy the book the next day. Which i obliged but never saw him until few days later. Instead of paying for the book he started ‘bombarding’ me with questions like “have you read SINGLES 101?” When i told him i prefer novels to all these inspirational/motivational books he took his time to explain SINGLES 101… That was the Genesis. One date became two, then three, then we became friends. He buys lots of sweet cherries for our singles 101 discussions.
He was different. He was both magical and familiar, conservative and freethinking, responsible and God fearing.

I remember vividly when i left my job, i didnt tell him i was quitting,he stopped by as usual only to be told i no longer work there. To my dismay, he located my place. I lived with my bigbro. My bro came in unexpectedly and asked who he was the first answer that came to mind was “brother in the Lord” LOL!

I knew he was a good thing for my life. He encouraged me to always trust in God, dream big, never feel inferior.  I think I fell in love the moment he heard my story, and didn’t flinch.  I later referred to him as the LOVE OF MY LIFE(IFUNANYAM), because he pulled me out of the depths of cynicism, and made me look at myself in the mirror with the same honesty I pushed so harshly onto everyone around me.

From the day we met, it was 9years later when he asked me to be his wife. Our relationship and marriage has had the expected ups and downs (as any relationship should), but it is a dance—we may have misunderstanding for awhile, argue, be immature and selfish, but we always find ourselves back together, embracing, and moving as one.  I have come to understand the meaning of love as it was meant to be.  It is grace, a necessary redemption, and a beautiful transcendence from the ugliness we all have inside of us.

 “Relationships last long not because they’re destined to last long. Relationships last long because two brave people made a choice. To keep it, fight for it and to work for it

Someone once told me that you find the most happiness in life in the small, seemingly insignificant things.  There is wisdom in that statement, because I found my happiness working in a bookstore.

Published by Adanne Chukwudi Udejiofor

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