The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece

From my personal experience, I think children begin their drawing process from the moment they are old enough to hold a crayon or pencil and put it to paper. Sometimes, children draw to express emotions, because they don’t know how to express different feelings through words. They express their fears, joys, dreams, hopes and even nightmares through drawings, and also give you clue about their relationships to other things.

Drawing is another outlet for communication, and children’s artwork represents a view of their personalities and can give us precise information about the young artists.
Although Sometimes drawings are just drawings, with nothing more than a fun playtime showing itself on the page. But sometimes, interpreting children’s drawings means that you discover a deeper layer to what they are thinking and feeling.

However, don’t read too much meaning into a child’s drawing, instead allow the child to tell you.

This is a drawing of I and my hubby drawn by our daughter. The first thing I noticed was the smile and blushes on our faces. At first I wondered why we were both smiling, I asked the young artist and she said because we were both holding a rose flower (which was not really visible by the way)smiles! The flower symbolizes passion, declaration of love… Hence, the sunshine in our smiles.

The fact that she has drawn numerous body parts and clothing which have their various meanings on us suggests that she has mature visual and motor skills. By looking at our clothing, I see that she recognizes gender differences.

The drawing also we seem to enjoy doing everyday tasks together. Notice how we’re each drawn in a distinctive way — My hubby has a bowtie on his cloth which I am still trying to decipher if it is a big buba ankara and bowtie,(lol) and myself wearing a simple dress, for instance. This tells me that she’s able to think of each of us as an individual with a strong bond who focus on giving love.

Oh! Did I explain the meaning of the bowtie on my hubby’s cloth? According to my daughter, the bowtie symbolizes a ‘gentleman’ while my dress symbolizes ‘simplicity.

Then personally, I think My ‘big head’ in the drawing depicts the imperfect
It was encouraging that she drew us so close together holding one flower with so much joy written all over our faces; this shows she perceived her family as tight-knit despite our imperfections

Thank you for this masterpiece Michelle Chukwudi Udejiofor and siblings.


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