The EXTRAORDINARY woman. Dare to rewrite the rules.

As a woman, you hold an amazing power. If there is one thing that time and history has clearly shown is that women are far from weak. A strong woman isnt defined by her ability to stay tough, cold and emotionless. A strong woman is defined by any woman who perseveres in the darkest of times, who supports other women instead of bringing them down and who finds strength within herself. It breaks my heart to see women compete against each other. That will surely not make you extraordinary. Rather than compete with other women, help yourself grow and help others too. We should not be our own enemies but supporters.
As women, we are born strong. I mean we bleed for multiple days straight once a month, yet, we continue to live our lives normally. At the same time, society has painted us as weak and fragile.
I embrace and praise strong women. Thus, the birth of my book The EXTRAORDINARY Woman. Dare to rewrite the rules. Chat me to get this book at any price you want. 08176114544

The Extraordinary Woman. Dare to rewrite the rules. GET YOURS NOW  

Published by Adanne Chukwudi Udejiofor

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