Credit Cards Safety

Credit cards offer a high level of security and flexibility to customers, and this is why so many people use their credit cards for day to day purchases.

Credit cards are the most commonly used medium of making purchases and paying-off debts—which makes understanding credit card safety very important. Given the recent rise in financial fraud, understanding the basics of credit card protection is important than ever. Find out how to keep the money in your credit cards safe.

Practice basic credit card security. Scrutinize all financial documents and if you notice an anamoly, report it to the relevant organisation. Be careful with your receipts. Tear your ATM slips. Secure your devices and networks. Before disposing of all your old gadgets, wipe out any data on it. Keep your passwords secret. Report lost cards and suspected fraud right away.

Keep your information current. Check your account often. Change passwords frequently and use different ones for various websites. . Be sure to periodically check to make sure your bank have your correct phone number and email address on file. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can be contacted quickly.

Inspect a URL carefully for the presence of an ‘@’ symbol, as it’s a common sign of fake sites. Be very suspicious of websites that display an IP address, or numerical address (, instead of a domain name. Look for sites with https: in their web addresses—the “s” stands for secured.images (7).jpg

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